URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 11

Polar Bear - All sizes, all materials.

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Monty is 10” tall and made from a very dense cream color alpaca. Glass eyes and delicate facial shading. Open mouth the polymer teed. Paw pads are needle sculpted. 5-way jointed. He wears a hand knit cap.

Lisa Kaye Heiland

LBBears - Ohio. USA




Fleur is 17" tall and made from a  long white alpaca fur. She has black leather pulled paws and her nose and muzzle are needle felted to a tight finish and then hand shaded with inks. Fleur is 6-way jointed and has a double neck joint giving her a more realistic pose. She has handmade lilac colored glass eyes. Her legs have wire supports inside so she can be posed standing on all fours.

Linda Down
Lombard Bears Australia - Albany, Western Australia




Ice is a 5-1/2" tall polar bear teddy made from vintage silver fox fur.  OOAK entirely hand-stitched and 5-way jointed using cotter pin-disc joints. Black German glass eyes and hand-sculpted Polymer clay nose.  Face is scissor sculpted.  Ice is filled with a mix of wood wool excelsior and wool blend poly and steel shot for added weight. Fully lined for durability. Ivory ultra-suede paw pads.  He wears a Swarovski crystal heart with pearl accents hanging on a black cord around his neck.

Brenda Mize

Minky Bears - Texas, USA




Joy is a 8" (20cm) tall polar bear made from white Shulte Alpaca. Paws are sculpted and made from miniature flock fabric. Joy wears a black silk bow around her neck and some hand made polymer clay hydrangea flowers atop her head. She has hand-painted deep-blue glass eyes with eyelids and shinny nose. 5-way jointed and has wobble-jointed neck. Joy is stuffed with Poly-fil and steel beads

Anna Tide
Anna Tide - Bad Bergzabern, Germany




Silvestro the polar bear is made from fur. 29“ (74cm) tall and 5-way jointed with spine and arms that can bend . Soft and slouchy body and legs. Open-close mouth of leather with silicone teeth , hand molded nose and claws in resin. Black glass eyes with fixed lids below and movable lids above so the bear can open and close his eyes. Silvestro is stuffed with sheep wool, pellets of plastic and steel. Silvestro can be posed in a multitude of positions.

Karin De Lorenzo

Karin De Lorenzo "Werkstatt Allerliebst" - Heinsberg, Germany




Jalila is a 12” tall polar bear cub made from vintage, re-purposed pearl white mink with black suede inset paw pads which have handmade clay claws. Black glass eyes, a black hand stitched nose, an open mouth with a faux suede tongue and a tail. Jalila is fully jointed with fiberboard discs, bolts and lock nuts and is filled with fiber-fil and glass beads, which gives nice “weight. OOAK

Jacquie Pollitt 

Jacquie Pollitt Bears - Ohio, USA

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