URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 4

Medium Outfitted Bear or Bud
, 6" to 11" - Dressed. Any materials

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Rain is a really 'cool dude' standing 25cm (10") tall. She is made from long mohair and has green buzzard eyes. Rain has a hand made polymer clay nose and is stuffed with wool. Her feet have garnet sand for weight and to help her stand. Rain is fully disc jointed and has an array of accessories.  She is wearing a hand dyed waist coat.

Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, Western Australia




Blossom is a 9" OOAK hand-dyed golden brown mohair teddy bear with German glass eyes that are hand painted golden glitter. Real eyelashes, needle felted face. Lockline neck for movement. 5- way joints, wire armature in both arms. Handmade soft yellow wool felt jacket with a silk purple flower and 2 multicolored buttons along with a sheer green decorative lace around the neck. The hat is soft yellow wool felt with sheer green lace around the top with a purple silk flower in the center. Stuffed with poly-fil batting. The feet are white string mohair with metal pellets added for weight. Blossom's features are airbrushed and hand painted. Blossom can stand or sit.

Yolanda Levy

YoYo Bears - California, USA




Autumn Yellow Leaves is an OOAK teddy bear who is 7.5 inches

(19 cm) tall. Made from German silk mohair and mini fabric for paw pads. German glass eyes, closing eyelids. Paw pads are thread-sculpted. Epoxy sculpted and hand-painted nose. Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks while head is on waggle joint. Poly-fil and steel pellets inside. Hands are wired. Hand-made crown sculpted from modeling clay, Fimo leaves, amber, beads, metal wire. Silk ribbons and lace collar. Tinted with oil paints.

Ina Smirnova

Bears and Roses - Vilnius, Lithuania




Hernandez is an OOAK and is entirely hand stitched from caramel coloured faux fur. His facial features are needle felted with highlighting and shading in pastel and he has genuine horse hair whiskers. Hand painted medium brown glass eyes using a sgraffito technique to give realistic veining to the iris. Scissor and needle sculpting define his paws, with shading on the digits. His patchwork smock is composed of 264 tiny silk triangles, all sewn by hand, and is fully lined in silk; the ruff is cotton lace and the outfit completed with a faux brass key. Designed to stand and sit independently. Hernandez is 5-way jointed and weighted with glass beads. 

Claire Ryan

Copi Khatz Creations - Worcester, United Kingdom




Jake The Bear stands 9.75" tall. He was crocheted using multiple yarns and threads. Jake’s paw pads and nose are needle felted using brown roving. He has needle felted around his blue glass eyes using white and brown roving. Jake is 5-way thread jointed and he is polyester fiber filled. Jake wears a hand crocheted removable short overalls, a hand crocheted beanie hat and non-removable boots. Jake is an OOAK bear with two ear piercings!

Heather Hamilton

Heathers Hugables - Alberta, Canada




Kerstin is 29 cm tall (11") outfitted bear. She was sewn from mohair, all of her paws are sculpted. She is made from miniature flock fabric. Kerstin wears a white festive dress and the delicate tracery on her nose. She has black glass eyes, is 5-way jointed, has wobble-jointed neck and loose joints for best sitting. She is stuffed with Poly-fil and steel beads.

Anna Tide
Anna Tide - Bad Bergzabern, Germany



Sakari is an 11" tall bear who is 5-way jointed and made from very dense pink Alpaca She has matching mauve Ultra-suede paw-pads, black German glass eyes and a black pearl floss nose and mouth. She is stuffed with Poly-fil and glass beads for weight. She is an Eskimo who has just returned from fishing with her catch. Her hooded parka is handmade from mint green Ultra-suede, trimmed with white kid mohair and a red embroidered trim accent. She wears matching mukluks and a necklace made with colored stone beads with a green stone fish in the middle. In one paw she carries a handmade fishing net made from leather and nylon which includes 2 basswood carved fish. In the other paw is a carved basswood fishing pole and fish.   

Ron & Kristy Northman

Captain Ron's Bears - Michigan, USA




Jenny is 10" tall and is made from shell pink mohair with white Ultra-suede paw pads. 5-way joints and her arms can bend. Jenny is designed to sit. She wears a cotton floral printed dress and carries

a basket full of delicious fruits.

Idy Law

Kowloon, Hong Kong




Expecting is 10" high and made of German wool. Fully jointed with glass eyes. She is glass pellet and poly filled with armature inside her arms. She has a needle felted belly and is expecting its first baby. She wears a hand made dress with accessories.

Flora Lai Kit Ching

Kowloon, Hong Kong




Maple is 9" tall and made from Ratinee mohair with antique boot button eyes and wearing a hand knit hat which is wrapped around his neck as a scarf. He is standing on a carpet of vintage velvet autumnal leaves one of which he is hiding behind his back. 5-way jointed with open mouth, embroidered glittering nose. Stuffed with Poly and pellets.

Jan Cuming

Jinglebears - Wellington, New Zealand



Young Princess is 9.5" high and fully jointed. Made of German wool with glass eyes. Stuffed with glass pellets and Poly-fil. Needle sculpted face. A few wisps of pink wool for her hair. She wears a little hat and her dress is hand made. She carries a little German handbag. 

Cheung Hei Laam

Athena Bear - Hong Kong

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