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Category 7

Diva's - Bears or Buds. Glittery and bejeweled Bears and Buds, all materials and all sizes.

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Muffie is a 12 1/2" cinnamon colored mohair elephant with German glass eyes that are hand painted blue metallic. Paws, inner ears, mouth and eyelids are variegated brown textured leather. Green leather beads with copper rhinestones and gold antique beads around the neck. Lockline in the neck and trunk for movement. 5-way joints. Poly fiberfill  and metal pellets for weight. Muffe has airbrushed and hand painted features.

Yolanda Levy

YoYo Bears - California, USA




Aurora has all the colors of the rainbow, she is made with hand dyed mohair and has hand pained glass eyes, she is stuffed with wool and has disc joints, her nose is handmade polymer clay.

Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, West Australia



Tiffany is sewn from a combination of Lilac and Ivory, long and extra long curly Schulte mohair. 5-way cotter pin jointed. 15" tall and filled with heavy poly-fibre and weighted with small steel balls. Tiffany's facial detail is created by needle felting a combination of white, black and pink Merino wool. Blue/Grey glass eyes. Trapunto paw pads are pink and grey Ultra-suede and thread sculpted. Diamante' crystals adorn her foot pads. Tiffany is wearing a glittery diamante' tiara, sparkling earrings and bejewelled pearl bead and heart shaped diamante necklace. She holds a little satin and diamante' rose bouquet.

Hayley Walker

Little Piggies Nursery - Bishops Waltham Hampshire, United Kingdom



Marylin is 10" high and wearing a dress is made from real silk and a fur stole. Skirt is decorated with lots of rhinestones  and her had is made from feather with a large brooch. Bear is made from a curly viscose plush, fully jointed. Her arms are wired to give more movements and her face details are hand painted.

Heidi Schaefer
Edebaeren Puppen und Baeren - Dreieich, Germany



JIA LI is an OOAK 14” polar bear made from snowy white dense pile Shulte mohair.  Blue eyes on a trimmed muzzle. Hand painted details. Fully jointed and wearing as much 'bling' as she can! Her Chinese name means ‘good’ and ‘beautiful’.

Margaret Burke

Nikkel Bears - New South Wales, Australia



Rhapsody is 12" tall without her hat. Made with blonde, dense antique curled German mohair and she has wool felt paw pads. Black German glass eyes with eyelashes and an embroidered nose on her scissor sculpted muzzle. 5-way disc jointed and is filled with high-loft polyester and stone pellets. Rhapsody is wearing a turquoise hat adorned with flowers, faux pearl sprigs, tulle ribbon and feathers. Her glittery sequin stole has a “diamond brooch”. Hand made silver and turquoise necklace with matching dangle earrings. She carries a beaded purse. OOAK.

Erin Roy
Bears*n*Bling - Ontario, Canada




Queen Claerwen  Snow Queen of Wales  is a 16" tall bear made of Alpaca. 5-way jointed. Glass eyes with gray accents. She wears a velvet and alpaca trimmed snow cape and muff and a satin and snow-flake pattern dress. A top of her head she wears a crown of jewels.


Diana Watts

DiBears - Florida, USA




India the princess belly dance bear is 22" tall and has locline armature so she can be posed. Face is extensively needle felted to a firm finish.  Glass and her nose is felted as are her paw pads. Fully jointed at the legs and arms while her head can move from side to side and up and down with a locline spine. All of her costuming is original and hand made. She wears a velvet top with lots of hand sewn glass beading and crystals. Belt is also velvet and beaded and her forehead bindi is made from crystals and wire. Skirt is made from three layers of organza fabrics. India rubs her lamp and waits for her genie to appear.

Judi Paul

Luxenbears - Wisconsin, USA

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Jia Li


Snow Queen


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 4 - Medium Outfitted Bear-Bud 6-11"  (11)
  5 - Large Bare Bear-Bud 12-28"  (19)
  6 - Large Bear-Bud 12 to 28" Outfitted (9)
  7 - Diva's All sizes (8)
  10 - Costumed Bears - Buds (11)


  11 - Polar Bears (6)
  12 - Panda Bears (11)
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  15 - Animal Kingdom (14)
 Total of 163  Entries
  16 - Furry Pals - Cats & Dogs (11)
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