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Category 16

Furry Pals - Cats and Dogs All Materials, all sizes. 

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Diddle is 10" (25cm) tall and made from striped mohair. He has buzzard eyes and a polymer clay nose. Stuffed with Poly and pellets.

"Hey Diddle Diddle the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon, the little dog laughed to see such fun, and the dish ran away with the spoon."

Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, Western Australia




Peggy is a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen puppy. OOAL and measures 17" from top of head to base of tail. Made in silky soft mohair then  scissor sculptured on the head and body. Glass lidded eyes with a little 'white' showing. Water stain markings applied around muzzle, with a hand sculptured polymer clay nose. Open and closed mouth with hand sculptured Fimo teeth and a felt tongue. The ears are wired. Peggy has a 'wobbly' wooden neck joint for posing her head, she has internal wire armature in her front legs, can be posed. She is filled with polyester fibre and weighted with encased sand in her tummy. Sculptured cashmere paws with hand painted black pads. Peggy wears a pink collar with heart motifs and her name is engraved on a dog disc.

Jacqui Wickenden

JCWBEARS & FURRYFRIENDS - Basildon, United Kingdom




Fruit Shoot is a life size OOAK Jack Russell Terrier measuring 16" tall. Sewn from a combination snow white and caramel Schulte mohair. Filled with heavy poly-fibre and weighted with small steel balls. Delicate hand shaded detail to his head, body and felted paw pads. Fruit Shoot is created with a one piece body and an internal skeletal armature, flexible spine and cotter pin jointed back legs, enabling various poses. His ears can be posed due to their internal armatures. Dark brown glass eyes are realistically hand painted and have sculpted eye rims. His nose and lips are hand sculpted with a polymer clay. Fruit Shoot is wearing a brown leather Diamante' studded collar.

Hayley Walker

Little Piggies Nursery - Bishops Waltham Hampshire, United Kingdom




Toby - the Huskies puppy in full size - 34 cm, quite heavy. Created from high-quality German plush paw pads made ​​from ultra suede padding "the effect of the living" - polyesters, mineral granules, metal pellets, rubber granules. Toby throughout the body is a skeleton and all his limbs are reinforced, legs bent at the elbows, wrists, knees and feet, the tail is bent as well, it all makes Toby truly alive. You can give it a variety of poses, it can rotate, lift and tilt head, sit, lie down, stand on four legs or try to climb two legs, arching her back and make any pose, the same as a real puppy. Feet on the thumb-screws on hand hair pin holder. He has glass eyes, the eyelids of Ultra-suede nose is made of genuine leather, tinted oil-based paints, curly haircut. Toby was really alive for me, he has a heart and inside the heart, "love", do not ask me how I did it, just know it.

Natalia Petelina

Natalia Petelina Bears - Lugansk, Ukraine




Bastian is Cavalier King Charles spaniel.  He has premium quality glass eyes.  His eyes have eyelashes.   His arms and legs  jointed with string.   His head is jointed with cotter pin and disk.    His nose is made from clay.  His feet and inside ears are made from wool.  He is my original pattern and is hand sewn.  He has a hang tag on his back so you know it is an original from the original artist.   

Michelle Nunnery

Little Bittie Bears - Florida, USA



Milo has been entirely designed and hand crafted by myself. I always sew my creations by hand, using my own original designs. Milo  measures about 20 cm from the point of his nose to his bottom. His tail measures about 15 cm. He can either sit or stand on all fours in a realistic body posture. For Milo  I chose two tones of luxury faux furs: white for his belly and tail end, light beige for the rest of his body. Inner ears and paw pads are made with ultra suede.  His clear light brown eyes are of German glass. His face features are needle felted, his nose is sealed and shaded. His cotton whiskers are waxed. Extensive scissor sculpting was done to ears, face and limbs. Milo’s face, body, limbs and tail have been patiently oil shaded.  Milo has an internal wiring connecting his  head and body, which gives him a lot of posing possibilities. Also his limbs and tail are wired. Milo is two ways cotter- pin jointed (hind legs). He has been stuffed with sheep wool and encased white decorative gravel to add some weight.  Milo owns an embroidered felt ball and wears a removable felt collar with a bell. Both I designed and crafted for him. 

Francesca Boretti

KALEideaSCOPE - Rheinfelden Argau, Switzerland




KooKoo the Courting Meowsician is a 16" tall cat made with black and white viscose. He is fully jointed with amature in arms, legs and tail. He has yellow split glass eyes and glass nose, with paw pads in same hair as body. He is stuffed with poly-fil and glass beads, with needle felt touch up around eyes. As a young gentle meowsician, he is playing a courting love tone to his sweetheart with his violin. 

Angela Yip

Bearviola - Hong Kong




Biscotti stands 15" tall and made from long pile faux fur in taupe with a light tip and with long winter white wispy mohair inserts. English black glass eyes which have been accented with white and hand shaded. 5-way cotter pin jointed and stuffed with polyester, pellets  and steel shot. Nose  and mouth are embroidered using Perle cotton in black and peach and his noses and the tips of his ears are hand shaded. He has thread whiskers and is wearing a wired bow with gold-tone bell.

Lynn Bowie

Madabout Bears - Scotland




Morgan is a Persian cat made of grey Tibetan lamb and hand dyed grey alpaca. 12.5" not counting her tail, 17" total length. Blue glass cat eyes, needle felted eyelids and human hair lashes. Her face is made from hand dyed grey alpaca and has been scissor sculpted. Nose and inner ears are needle felted. Paws made from grey alpaca with needle felted sculpting. 5-way jointed  and stuffed with Poly-fil.

Lightly shaded with a combination of oils and powders.

Judith Malamud

Beaubears - Florida, USA




Dog Jimmy is an OOAK 10" (29 cm) tall. Made from three different types of soft German mohair, viscose and plush in white and red. Paw pads are viscose. Black German glass eyes felted eyelids. Fimo nose covered with faux suede. 5-way joined and filled with wool. 

Olga Startseva

Teddyana - France




La Sugar is a life sized Chihuahua. She measures 8.5" tall and to the tip of her ears, 10" tall. She is solid wool and sculpted by needle felting over a full wire armature which allows her to pose. Nose is sculpted polymer clay, painted then a clear coat for the wet-nose look. 

Cinda Peterson

Walk a Dream - Washington, USA

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La Sugar

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