URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

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Category 1
Wee Little Bare Bear or Bud - 5" and Under - Undressed.

Any materials.

Large photographs are shown so you can see and judge each bear's details.
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Olyvia is a OOAK young dragon just 4 1/4" tall and 4 3/4" long. Made from hand-dyed, olive green Schulte mohair, a lighter olive green suede and felt. German glass eyes. 5-way jointed and stuffed with Poly-fil and stainless steel pellets. Her face has been needle sculpted

and her paws and feet have extra needle sculpting.

Laura Anne Stapp

Lau's Bears - California, USA




Lucian is an OOAK 3.9" (10 cm) tall and made from special fabric for mini bears. English hand-painted glass eyes. Paw pads was thread sculpted. Epoxy sculpted nose which is hand-painted. 5-way jointed with cotter-pins, disks and head is on waggle joint. Stuffed with Poly-fil and steel pellets. She wears silk ribbon and bells and comes with a h metal gramophone.

Ina Smirnova

Bears and Roses - Vilnius, Lithuania




Cheer Up Sleep Jean inspired from The Monkees song "Day Dream Believer" and is an OOAK 3.5" (10cm) tall and made from lemon X-Pile synthetic. Cream colored Ultra-suede  needle sculpted paw pads. Hand painted deep green glass with open/close eyelids. Open/close mouth with peach ultrasuede. Nose is hand embroidered black cotton. 5-way cotter pin and discs jointed. Stuffed with poly-fil and glass beads.

Green and purple silk ribbons tied around her neck.

Wendy Walker

M. E. Bears - Queensland, Australia




Julianna is 4" tall and is made from mohair. She has hand painted glass eyes and a stitched nose and mouth. Her face is needle and  scissor sculpted with shading.

Ultra-suede feet with stitched, needle sculpted and shaded toes. Julianna is cotter pin jointed and filled with poly-fil and steel shot for weight.

Terrie Kalaputas

Terries Bears - Alberta, Canada




Ziggy is a 4-3/4" tall teddy bear made from striped taupe brown and light cream vintage mink fur. OOAK is entirely hand-stitched and

5-way jointed using cotter pin-disc joints. German glass eyes and hand-sculpted Polymer clay nose. Her face is scissor sculpted. Ziggy is filled with a mix of wood wool excelsior, wool blend poly and steel shot for weight. Fully lined for durability and she has taupe brown ultra-suede paw pads. Around her neck. She wears a Swarovski crystal heart with pearl accents hanging on a black cord.

Brenda Mize

Minky Bears - Texas, USA




Teddy is 2-3/4" (7cm) knit bear made from hand dyed cotton. The head is disk jointed and the limbs thread jointed.

He sits on a patch of grass atop a custom made music box which   plays the Teddy Bears Picnic tune. 

Berta Hesen-Minten

ThReAdTeDs - Netherlands




Bingham is an Old World style miniature mohair teddy bear. He is 3.75" OOAK  Hand sewn in a pale blue felted mohair with a tan backing. Paw pads are beige wool felt. 5-way jointed with cotter pin joints. Glass eyes and a Perle cotton nose, mouth, and claws. He is filled with wood wool stuffing and steel shot for weight. Bingham wears a rusty jingle bell around his neck.

Hayley Eliza Burlison

Burlison Bears - Kentucky, USA




Flitt stands 5" tall and is made from strawberry pink German mohair with sculpted soft stone coloured cashmere paw pads. English black glass eyes which have been hand shaded. 5-way cotter pin  jointed and stuffed with polyester with a little bag of steel shot in he tummy. Nose and mouth are embroidered with black Perle cotton. Hand shading on her nose and ears. Around her necks is a silver tone bell

Lynn Bowie

Madabout Bears - Scotland




Oliviero is 3.3” tall little mouse made with white viscose mohair. He is completely wired. Inner ears, hands, feet, muzzle and tail made with polymer clay then lightly painted. He has a cotter pin for neck and is  stuffed with Kapok. He wears a hand made Swiss cheese necklace and a brown velvet bow.

Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker - Tuscany, Italy



Nathan is an OOAK 3.15" (8cm) tall and hand-sewn from hand-dyed black long pile with nature-colored vintage long pile paw pads. Ultra-suede paws pads which are sculpted. Black German glass eyes, hand-stitched black nose and mouth and the head is scissor sculpted. 5-way-jointed with cotter pins and filled with sheep-wool and steel pellets for weight He sits on a hand-sewn modern heart and he wears a red bow decorated with wooden hearts around his neck. 

Holger & Claudia Schlue
Minkitzbaeren - Germany




Nori is 4" (10cm) OOAK cotton thread crochet bear wearing a large hand made hat with flowers. Her face is finished with hand painted gentle shadings. Black eyes.  5-way jointed. Firmly stuffed with poly-fiberfill. She wears a lovely hat made specially for her.

Chantal Giroux

Chantal Bears - New Brunswick, Canada

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Cheer Up Sleepy Jean













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