URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 6

Large Bear or Bud -
" to 28" dressed -  Any materials

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Webster is 15" tall. Made from white mohair. Webster has blue glass doll eyes with leather eyelids and needle felting added. All shading done with pastels and a paint wash. Muzzle is needle felted and his nose is hand sculpted with epoxy clay. Body consists of poly-cotton and copper BB's for weight. He has a locline spine and arms. Hand made claws from epoxy clay and painted. Lamb's skin needle sculpted paw pad. 4-way jointed with steel disc and lock tight screws. His hat is handmade and his outfit is in a newborn size.

Lisa Kaye Heiland

LBBears - Ohio, USA





Archibald is an OOAK 17.7" tall and is made of brown dense and straight mohair. Paw pads are made of sculptured and coloured ultra-suede. Black glass eyes and his nose is embroidered in black cotton and waxed with beeswax. 4-way jointed with nuts, bolts and a wobble joint for the head. Stuffed with polyester fiber. He's dressed with a little corduroy coat, has a true pocket watch, reads newspapers called "Honeypot Times" and wears glasses.

Claudie Reymond

Ours des 4Saisons - Marseille, France



Emily is an OOAK 21.5" (55cm) tall and is made from mohair. Buzzard eyes and a polymer clay nose. She is fully wooden jointed. Stuffed with poly and pellets. Wearing a hand made dress, jacket and bonnet.

Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, Western Australia




Jamie the happy chef stands 13" tall and is hand sewn from a light golden Shulte mohair with matching Ultra-suede paw pads that are needle-sculpted and shaded. 5-way jointed with wood discs and lock-nuts and has a 1" extra neck piece. Face is needle-sculpted, trimmed and shaded and he has an open-mouth piece to create his smile. Black glass eyes with Ultra-suede whites. His nose is button-style covered in dark brown ultra-suede. Stuffed with polyfill and garnet powder for weight and stability to stand by himself. He wears a lined jacket and hat made from white cotton, black and white tiny-checked pants with a red cotton neck tie. Glasses are attached to his head and he is holding a mini metal whisk and bowl. Inside the bowl is an imprint of a teddy's face!

Robyn Jones

Dressed to Impress Teddies  - Ashfield, Australia



Buella a Forest Gatherer, is made from a soft brown synthetic material and Ultra-suede foot pads, black onyx eyes and stands 16" tall. Her has arms and legs that move. Buella wears high top boots, combination underwear, a petticoat with rows of ruffles, a skirt and matching jacket of a soft moss green suede with metallic dots her jacket. She is wearing a brooch of leaves, stars and bees and a vintage ribbon hat with rayon pink flowers.

Pattie Angel
Enchanted Memories - Washington, USA




Esme is 17" OOAK traditional style bear with a hump, long hockey stick shaped arms and long straight legs. Esme is made from a duck egg blue on a biscuit colore backing, sparse effect, German mohair. Paw pads are a matching biscuit colored German wool felt with brown aged claw detailing. Boot button eyes and a large brown, waxed, threadbare embroidered nose. She is fully jointed and firmly filled with wood wool, heavy weight stuffing and a granulate. Esme has been aged and distressed  to resemble many years of loving play. She is wearing a mint green crochet dress which has been aged and stained too.

Jacquelyn Ellerton

Jac-Q-Lyn Bears - Macclesfield Cheshire, United Kingdom




Isadora is a 15 ½” OOAK teddy bear with a toddler-like appearance.  Created from off-white Tyber faux fur with cream-colored upholstery velvet paw pads. Needle-felted eyelids over black glass eyes. Waxed, embroidered nose and claws. Face is needle and scissor sculpted. 

5-way jointed with a wobble-jointed head for easy posing. Filled with fiberfill and glass granules encased in muslin bags for a nice weight.

She can stand on her own. Dress and matching headband were created from cream and tan plaid cotton fabric with ivory-colored buttons with cut-outs. The bow on her matching headband complements the bow on the ivory baby shoes she wears.  

Cheryl Hutchinson

Bingle Bears - New York, USA




Brodie is a OOAK bear measuring 18"  and created from white colored plush synthetic fur. His matching ultra-suede paw pads are applique trapunto-sculpted. 5-way jointed and filled with a combination of polyfill and pellets. Face is extensively needle and scissor sculpted. Hand-embroidered perle cotton nose is lightly waxed. German glass eyes and light shading to accent his paw pads, face, and inner ears. Brodie wears a navy blue satin brocade ruffled collar featuring multi-colored dots on one side and matching stripe print on the other edged with rayon thread. A flourish silver tone metal key charm hangs from a length of navy blue satin ribbon tied around his neck.

Brenda Parker
BrendaBears - Wyoming, USA




The Astronaut is made of German mohair, 17" high with glass eyes and fully jointed with armature inside the arms and 10 fingers. Glass pellet and polyester filled. His uniform and all the details were hand made which is very similar and detailed to represent the original Chinese astronaut suit. His plastic  helmet can be open and close .

Gloria Chan

Gloria Handicraft Studio - Hong Kong

At a Glance - All Entries in Category 6



Emily Rose

Happy Chef

Buella Gatherer





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