URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 10

Costumed -  Clowns, Halloween, Elves, Santas, Gollies. All materials, all sizes.

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Lunar is a 17" OOAK clown bear entirely hand stitched from curly blonde mohair, with needle felted features highlighted and shaded in pastel. His paw pads are needle felted, defined with shading and he has inset sculpted Polymer clay claws. Lunar wears a costume inspired by Edwardian clowns and it is entirely hand stitched from silk and features rosettes, fabric covered buttons and a collar of patchwork pieces. 5-way jointed with cotter pins and stuffed with polyester filling and weighted with a bag of glass beads.

Claire Ryan 

Copi Khatz Creations - Worcestershire, United Kingdom




Brownie is a 10" OOAK elf. Created with curly matted mohair in light brown. Glass googly eyes and nose is needle felted. Inner ears and paws are wool felt. Brownie is 5-way jointed with discs, bolts and locknuts. Filled with fiber-fil with bb's in his feet for weight. With a little balancing, he can stand on his own. His sweater was made with felted wool and his hat and gathering bag of a linen cotton blend.

Nancy Dontigney

Dog Patch Critters - Florida, USA




Bell Bear-Christmas tree is 7.8" (20cm) tall and made of viscose, Paw pads and ears are cotton with embroidered snowflakes. Stuffed with Poly-fil and steel pellets. Armature in her limbs for various poses. Fully jointed. Tinted with oil paints and pastels. Nose is embroidered and she has hand-painted glass eyes. Dress is made from several layers fabric and decorated with bells. She wears a matching hat.  collar also removed. An elastic band Cap with a star and little bells. OOAK

Natalia Petelina

Petelina Natalia - Lugansk, Ukraine




Fairy Flower is an OOAK crochet teddy who is 8" (20cm) and made from a fuzzy wool and thread crochet yarn

Maier Silvia

Maisi-Baeren - Offenhausen, Austria




Blinky the clown bear was created from a combination of wavy salmon pink and ivory coloured Schulte mohair arranged in an alternating pattern. 13" tall and 5-way cotter pin jointed. Stuffed with heavy poly-fibre filling and weighted with steel balls. Blinky has needle felted Merino wool facial detail with subtle rosy cheeks. Solid glass realistic blue eyes with long curled eyelashes. Her top-knot hair is long curly white Angora fibers. Blinky's paw pads are needle felted in black and white Merino wool and contrasting thread sculpted. Hand sewn clown outfit using rainbow satin for her removable cone hat and ruffs which are embellished with yellow and lilac pom-poms.

Hayley Walker

Little Piggies Nursery - Bishops Waltham Hampshire, United Kingdom




Time Saver is a mohair bear with glass eyes and faux suede paw pads. Fully jointed with wired arms and an armature neck for posing.   The costume includes lots of antique watch parts, thus his name 'Time Saver'.  Hand made costume with coordinating fabrics and trims.  There are antique watch faces all the way around the bottom of the coat and a "Time Bank" on top of his hat.

Martha Burch

Martha's Bears - Wisconsin, USA



Clown is 12,5" (32 cm) and made from cream colored viscose, including paw pads. Glass eyes, 5-way jointed and filled with wood wool. Costume is made from cotton, velvet, lace and silk ribbon. Clothing can be removed.

Zakaznova Tatiana

Tati-tata-bears - Moscow, Russia




Bandico is 11" tall and a fully jointed bear made from dense tan Alpaca. He has matching mini-mohair paw pads. Black German glass eyes and an embroidered black nose. Stuffed with Poly-fil and glass beads. Cinnamon colored Ultra-suede shirt is trimmed with Indian bead work.  Around his neck he wears a necklace with wood beads and 2 hand carved stone fish beads along with a faux bear claw. He carries a fishing spear and a handful of carved basswood fish. His headband is made from suede accented with a Indian motif and a faux Eagle feather on top.

Captain Ron's Bears

Ron and Kristy Northman - Michigan, USA




Halloween Party Girl  is 9.5" high and made from German tipped mohair. Fully jointed with a musical movement installed into the head. Glass eyes with needle felted eye lid and hair. Needle sculpted face and paws. Poly-fil with plastic beads. Hand made wigs with beads and a little scarecrow as accessories.  

Lee Man Ping Flora

Teddy Bear Workshop - Kowloon, Hong Kong



Oninide is an 11.8” (cm.30) girl Hedgehog-bear and made with cream faux fur and short Hedgehog Schulte mohair. Black German glass eyes with leather eyelids. 5-way jointed with double cotter pin neck. Brown nose is handmade in polymer clay without molds. Paw pads and inner ears in cashmere and lightly shaded. Stuffed with poly-fil, wool and steel balls. Outfit is made red felt and trimmed with a pine garland.  She has a small basket with Christmas balls.

Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker - Tuscany, Italy



Denis is a 15" Urchin bear. Made from a short pile, fudge brown, German mohair. His big droopy inner ears and paw pads are a pale beige German wool felt. Denis has very large shiny black glass eyes with creamy white felt detailing and a large, black embroidered nose. Denis is fully jointed and firmly filled with a heavy weight stuffing and he is able to stand without any help. Denis is wearing a hand made red and black stripe wool sweater with black cotton trousers and has k "messy hair." 

Jacquelyn Ellerton

Jac-Q-Lyn Bears - Macclesfield Cheshire, United Kingdom

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Time Saver



Halloween Girl



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