URSA Awards 2013

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 15

Animal Kingdom
Tigers, lions, raccoons, mice, elephants, giraffes, bunnies,

monkeys, hedgehogs, birds, etc. All Materials, all sizes. 

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Piggy Arsenija is an OOAK 9" (23 cm) tall when sitting. Made from two colors of vintage Russian plush. Mini fabric for ears and paw pads. Her cotton dress is sewn into body. Handmade glass eyes on a needle felted muzzle. Paw pads are thread sculpted. 5-way jointed with cotter-pins, disks and head is on waggle joint. Poly-fil and glass pellets inside. Satin hat with paper roses and silk ribbons. Tinted with oil paints. She carries a basket and wooden piggy.

Ina Smirnova

Bears and Roses - Vilnius, Lithuania




Noah is a 30cm (12") tall giraffe and made from dense alpaca. He is fully jointed. Glass eyes and clay nose. Each of his spots are hand painted on the alpaca and he has a heart shaped spot over his heart. 

Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears - Kelmscott, Western Australia




Ferdinand is 10.7" tall and made from black alpaca with brown paws pads made of cashmere with embroidered claws. 5-way joints and a wobble-head joint. Black German eyes, Filled with sheep's wool and pellets.

Silke Borrmann

The Mountaineers - Goslar, Germany




Foster is a fox who is 31cm (12") tall and was sewn from Shulte synthetic fur. Shulte mohair for his muzzle and his paws are made from miniature flock-fabric. Foster wears an antique key and black satin bow around his neck. Black glass eyes. His nose and eyelids are made using a special technique. 5-way jointed with wobble-jointed head. Stuffed with Poly-fil and steel beads.

Anna Tide
Anna Tide Bears - Bad Bergzabern, Germany




Mr. Fox from Beatrix Potter’s book is 32cm tall and made from two colors of mohair with mohair paw pads. Glass eyes. 5-way jointed, polyester stuffing. Suit is made from velvet, waistcoat is made from flax. All is removable.

Zakaznova Tatiana

Tati-tata-bears - Moscow, Russia



Flossie is a 5-way jointed rabbit standing 18cm tall. She is made from white alpaca with pink felt accents. Black button German eyes. She wears a crown of soft embroidered pink roses.

Ann Hutchinson

Anneca Designs - Perth, Western Australia




Vladimir the hedgehog is completely hand sewing and is 7½" (19cm) tall. Made from Schulte hedgehog mohair and white Helmbolt mohair for his belly and legs. Inner ears are of Ultra-suede. German glass eyes and a a polymer clay hand sculpted nose with a needle felted face. His V-shaped hairline has been patiently obtained through mohair rooting into the needle felted forehead. Legs, face and inner ears are oil shaded. Vladimir has an internal body wiring that gives him a wide range of posing possibilities and enabling his head to move up and down and his body to partially fold. 4- way cotter-pin jointed and stuffed with wool and encased mica granules to give him added weight.

Francesca Boretti

KALEideaSCOPE - Rheinfelden Argau, Switzerland




Professor Owl  is 8.5" high. Head joint, needle felted head, glass eyes with metal glass and felt hat.  The body, wings and claws are hand painted. Locklines are placed into the claws.  The body is poly filled. 

Lee Man Ping Flora

Teddy Bear Workshop - Kowloon, Hong Kong




Hare Extraordinaire is 12" tall and 15" counting his ears. Made of wool fabric. Hand painted face with glass eyes. 5-way jointed and wearing a 100% wool felt coat, vest adorned with sea shall buttons. Jacket has antique lace cuffs, silk ribbon and he has a real watch to make sure he is not late for his tea party with Alice.

Celia Baham

Celia's Teddies - California, USA




Leonardo is an OOAK created from a combination of recycled mink and coyote fur coats. His mane and tail tip are coyote fur which is a mixture of natural shades of tan, brown, rust and black. His body is short-haired textured autumn haze mink and he is designed to sit.

13" tall sitting and 18" standing. His paw pads are tan suede.  Straw-colored glass eyes and a hand-embroidered dark brown Perle cotton nose.  He has several long horsehair whiskers. 5-way jointed and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. 

Jane Woodard

Heir Bears - Florida, USA




Fezwick the Fox is 12" tall and is made with faux fur with wool felt paw pads. German black glass eyes and a black glass nose.  Fezwick is

5-way disc jointed and filled with high-loft polyester and stone pellets.  His bushy tall has been wired for gentle posing. OOAK

Erin Roy

Bears*n*Bling - Ontario, Canada




Sibilla the Rabbit 9.4” (24cm) is made with cream English faux fur with brown shading. German glass eyes. Face is scissor sculpted. Nose is hand stitched with brown cotton then lightly painted brown. Paw pads are scissor sculpted too. 5-way  jointed, with double cotter pin for the neck. Stuffed with polyfill, wool and steel balls. She wears a rosette made with primitive fabric, trim and a rusty heart.

Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker - Tuscany, Italy




Kiya is an OOAK moon-gazing hare. She is 9" tall and designed to sit. Made from taupe Schulte mohair and her inner ears and tail are cream Schulte mohair. 5-way jointed with nut and bolt joints and a cotter pin neck joint. Filled with heavy polyester fibre and has some stainless steel balls in her tummy and hind legs for extra weight. Kiya has black glass eyes and a Perle cotton embroidered nose and mouth. Her face and the tips of her ears are hand shaded and she is wearing a hand-made wire wrapped jasper pendant.

Kat Vardy

Brierley Bears - South Yorkshire, United Kingdom




Hughey is 5" tall and made of plush. Ears are lined with wool. Glass eyes and eyelashes.  His arms and legs are jointed with string while his head is jointed with cotter pin and disk.  Nose is made from clay and wings are made from wool.  

Michelle Nunnery

Little Bittie Bears - Florida, FL

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Vladimir Igel

Professor Owl

15.9 Hare Extraordinaire






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