URSA Awards 2014
9th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 2
Medium Wee Little Outfitted Bear or Bud -5" and Under - Dressed. Any materials

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Zoomie is an OOAK and made from gray and white sassy fur bear and is 4” tall with velvet paw pads and glass eyes. 5-way jointed, stuffed with poly-cotton and steel shot. Zoomie’s nose is stitched with Perle cotton, is gently shaded and wears a flight cap.


Carolyn Robbins

Warm Heart Bears - United States




Pauline is an OOAK miniature bear just 5cm tall. . Jointed. Flock fabric for miniature, Ultra-suede for paw pads. German glass eyes, polymer clay for nose, shaded, hand crocheted dress and accessories.


Tatiana Scalozub

TS Bears - Ukraine




Penelope Pit Stop is a 5" tall and hand sewn from mohair. Filled with steel and Dacron wool. Penelope has tiny feet paw pads and wears little shoes. She carries a hand made silk purse and wears a silk embellished jacket and hat. Wooden disc jointed. Turned up nose.

Sharon Hale

Shaz Bears - Australia




Henry is a 4" dressed bear. OOAK  and is free-style crocheted from a cream alpaca wool using a 1mm crochet hook then lightly brushed. His muzzle, pads and ear linings are needle felted in a cream Merino and then lightly shaded in grey. 5-way thread jointed which allows him to be posed. Black German glass. Hienry's nose and claws are embroidered using black cotton.  He wears dungarees crocheted with a .75mm hook in denim blue color and are embellished with tiny buttons. 

Angela McGinn

Brú Bears - Ireland




Stokes is a young bulldog inspired by George Clooney in Monuments Men movie. 10cm/4” tall and is crafted from long-pile with black German glass eyes and an open mouth with modelled teeth. Stitched paw pads. His uniform is hand stitched from Ultra-suéde. Stokes’ legs are wired and he has a spine running from head to tail so that he can pose like a real dog. Stuffed with fiberfill and steels hot.

Natascha Sabo
Lefty Bears - Germany




Preppy Marge Delicate Cupcake Each bear part is crocheted from alpaca/wool and stuffed with various colors of wool. Wet felted and fulled until the parts are formed. 5-way thread jointed, mat glass eyes and embroidered facial futures and claws. Some mending stitching as extra details and she sits in a lace cup.  She wears a lace hat decorated with lace flowers. Preppy Marge is just 5" standing but she prefers to sit in her delicate cup.


Berta Hesen-Minten

ThReAdTeDs® - Netherlands






Sir Henri is made from imported mini fabric. Stuffed with poly-fil and is 5-way jointed. He has a needle felted nose, German glass eyes and is wearing a suit of armor made from tin and wire mesh. Sir Henri is carrying his own sword and shield for protection since he is only 5" tall. OOAK.


Margaret Jackson

Pinney Bears - United States






Scribble is a little clown elephant and all ready to join the circus.  Made from smoky grey sassy miniature bear fabric with soft faux cashmere pads and inner ears. Black German glass eyes. 5-way cotter pin jointed. Heavily stuffed with fiberfill and weighted with steel pellets. Scribble stands 10.5cm tall. He wears a hand-dyed rainbow coloured silk ribbon ruffle and his hat is made from the same faux cashmere fabric as his ears and pads. Two tiny star shaped buttons on his hat that is edged with Pearle cotton stitching. OOAK.

Lisa Gibbs

Briar's Bears - United Kingdom


At a Glance - All Entries in Category 2





Penelope Pit Stop



Preppy Marge Delicate Cupcake

Sir Henri



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