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Category 18

Royalty - Kings, Queens & Bejeweled - Bears and Buds. All materials, all sizes.

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The Pearly King and Queen are 12" tall. Made with blond German mohair and have shaded wool felt paw and foot pads. German glass eyes and each has a waxed and buffed embroidered nose on their scissor sculpted muzzles. 5-way jointed and are filled with high-loft fiberfill and stone pellets. Each are wearing black crushed velvet clothing, elaborately decorated with numerous pearl appliques. OOAK.


Erin Roy

Bears*n*Bling - Canada


Note: Pearly Kings and Queens, known as "pearlies" are an organized charitable tradition of working class culture in London, England. The practice of wearing clothes decorated with mother-of-pearl buttons originated in the 19th century.




Sweetness 10” tall, 5-way jointed mohair panda. Brown glass eyes with moveable Ultra-suede lids. Needle felted muzzle, waxed and polished nose, inner-wired arms and legs, Ultra-suede trapunto paw pads with embroidered claws. Poly-fiber stuffing, weighted with steel shot. Varying shades of dark to light neutral and blush accent coloring added throughout. Head couture is cream and light pink tulle with vintage millinery flowers and sparkling stamens with rhinestone jewelry accent. Aged rayon ribbon at neck, 2 ¼ inch wide vintage rhinestone butterfly pin at chest. Bear can stand unaided.

Laure Waytek

Fool's Gold Bears - United States




Kinkato is a real princess and the pea! Remember the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen? Kinkato 16cm tall and created from two-color blue French fur Tissavel with beige tips. Paw pads are mini fabric with shading. Stuffed with a combination of poly-fill, stainless steel shot pellets. Jointed with cotter pins and head is on double joint. Shaded with art paints. Brown glass eyes framed with eyelashes, eyelids closed and her mouth opens/closes exposing her tongue. Skirt is made from a delicate French lace. Mattresses are made of cotton, decorated with lace, stuffed with synthetic padding, decorative pearl-bead. Kinkato loves them sit or sleep when tired but can still feel the pea beneath.


Petelina Natalia

Petelina Bears - Ukraine




Monument to Love Indian Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan with his wife Mumtaz, in whose memory he built the Taj Mahal. Both measure 8cm/3.2” and are made from micro fibre. Black German glass eyes with modelled eye lids. Costumes are made from silk purchased in Varansi, India during Natascha's 2013 trip. Stuffed with fiberfill and steel shot. 

Natascha Sabo

LeftyBears - Germany



Ginerva and Lancillotto.

Ginerva is 13" tall and her head circumference 17". Made with natural and apricot, hand dyed Schulte mohair. Black German glass eyes with while surrounds. Nose is hand sculpted with brown polymer clay. Paw pads are needle felted in natural color Merino wool. 5-way jointed with double cotter pin neck. Stuffed with poly-fil, wool and steel balls. Hand made crown.

Lancillotto  is 13” tall and his head circumference 17”. Made with natural Schulte Mohair. Black German glass eyes. Nose is hand sculpted with brown polymer clay. Paw pads are needle felted with beige Merino wool. 5-way jointed and a double cotter pin neck. Stuffed with poly-fil, wool and steel balls, Hand made the helmet, armor, sword and shield.


Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker - Italy




An imperial Chinese princess, Li Wei is hand-sewn from soft white and black dense pile alpaca and standing at 14”.  Custom hand-painted glass eyes in copper with silver and black highlights. Needle felted muzzle and eyelids in white Merino wool with a black needle felted nose realistic style. Shaded with dry-brushed oil paints. 5-way jointed, and filled with poly-fil and steel shot. Paw pads from taupe leather and natural coloured clay claws. Hand-crafted costume from embossed satin, adorned with satin hand-crafted ribbon roses and gold filigree and diamantè embellishments. She holds a sequin-encrusted white feather dove.

Margaret Burke

Nikkel Bears - Australia






Ellen is a wee girl who just loves to get dressed in her best party outfit. Grandma gave her a vintage beaded evening purse and Ellen then pestered Mummy to make her a dress from vintage French silk lace to go with the purse. 7.50" tall when standing. Ellen wears her diamanté tiara and vintage buckle clasp for her shawl. German Schulte mohair. German hand blown glass eyes, glitter nose and suede paw pads.

Jan Cuming

Jinglebears - New Zealand

At a Glance - All Entries in Category 18

Pearlie Royalty



Monument to Love

Ginevra e Lancillotto

Li Wei




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