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9th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

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Category 1
Wee Little Bare Bear or Bud - 5" and Under - Undressed.

Any materials.

Large photographs are shown so you can see and judge each bear's details.
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Gloria is an OOAK miniature artist bear just 5cm tall. Jointed. Flock fabric for miniatures, Ultra-suede paw pads, German glass eyes, polymer clay for nose, shaded, hand crocheted flowers adorn her head.


Tatiana Scalozub

TS Bears - Ukraine




Stan is an OOAK teddy. 5-way jointed, made from white alpaca with beige Ultra-suede paw pads and inner ears. Black German glass eyes with hand shading. Stan is 5" tall and is filled with merino wool.

Ann Hutchinson

Anneca bears - Australia




Lil Lion King is 3” tall. He is Made from white long mini bear fur that is trimmed and have left the mane at the correct length of the fur. String jointed body and a tiny cotter pin and disc in his head. Hand sewn with invisible thread. Lil Lion King is stuffed with wool filling and steel shot in his stomach and feet. Glass beads for his eyes.  His mouth and nose are hand embroidered with Perle thread and his tail is made from twisted wool.


Bec Allnat

Bears By Becca - Australia




Peanut is 3 1/2" tall and is made from vintage upholstery fabric. Hand painted glass eyes and a stitched nose and mouth. His face has been needle sculpted, scissor sculpted and shaded. 


Terrie Kalaputas

Terries Bears - Canada




Sean is a 5” tall bear made of fake fur. 5-way jointed and filled with wool and steel shot. Glass eyes and his nose has gloss. Sean’s paw pads are made of cotton fabric as are his inner ears.


Stine Birkeland

Stine-Teddies - Denmark




Fung-Lo is 5cm/2“ tail. Made from long-pile with black German glass eyes and an open mouth with modelled teeth. Stitched paw pads and claws, thread jointed with wired legs and a wire running from head to tail so that he can play like a real panda. Stuffed with fiberfill and a little steel shot in his tummy for additional weight. 


Natashca Sabo

Lefty Bears - Germany




Tabata is 4.75” (15cm) tall and she is a puppy French Bulldog and made with natural Schulte mohair than painted with pink and black colors. Black German glass eyes. 5-way jointed and stuffed him with wool.

Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker - Italy




Matt is made from sparse mohair with Ultra-suede paw pads. Gently aged as if to show loving repairs and patches. Nose is sewn with silk thread and waxed. Onyx bead eyes. Around his neck he wears a silk ribbon with a mother of pearl button. Matt is 4 1/4” tall. 5-way jointed with a wobble head. Filled with cotton stuffing and stainless steel shot. OOAK

Sue Woodhouse

Dreamtime - United Kingdom




Pola is 4 1/2" tall and is an OOAK. Made from faux fur in winter white with a little guard hairs. Shaded features and is both scissor and needle sculpted. 5-way traditionally cotter pin jointed with English black glass eyes, a Perle cotton nose and pale pink cashmere paw pads. She is polyester and steel ball filled.

Lynn Bowie

Madabout Bears - Scotland



Frappe is 5-way jointed and just under 3” tall. Created from coffee color reclaimed vintage mink with coffee color Ultra-suede paws. English glass eyes and a handmade dark bark clay nose which is sewn in for strength. Frappe is filled with Majestic Merino Wool Noil and Poly-fill blend along with steel shot . Extensively scissor sculpted which takes many hours to create.

Helen Gleeson

Bare Cub Designs - Australia




Little Wuzzie stands 3.25" tall and is hand sewn in beige long pile Mini fabric with Ultra-suede paw pads. Wuzzie is 5-way jointed with a wobble-jointed neck. Stuffed and weighted with poly-fil and stainless steel micro-shot. He has tiny sculpted paw pads which have been hand-painted for depth. Embroidered with Super-Lon bonded nylon thread, then sealed with beeswax. All shading was rendered using quality paints. OOAK. Wuzzie was made using a modified version of Christie's larger bear pattern so he has the proportions of her full-sized bears.

Christie Kotz

The Peach Peddler Bears - United States

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Lil Lion King


















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