URSA Awards 2016
11th Annual

"Reach Beyond The Stars"

Category 15

Hippity-Hop Bunny or Rabbits
All Materials, all sizes. 

Large photographs are shown so you can see and judge each animal's details.
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Fluffy is a 6" tall bunny rabbit made from vintage white light brown tipped mink. OOAK rabbit is entirely hand-stitched. 5-way jointed using cotter pin-disc joints. Black German glass eyes and hand-sculpted Polymer clay nose. Face is scissor sculpt. Stuffed with a mix of wood wool excelsior and wool blend poly. Steel shot has been added

to his body for weight. Ivory ultra-suede paw pads. Fluffy wears a miniature glass bottle filled with 'magic dust' with Swarovski pearl accents hanging on a black cord around his neck.

Brenda Mize

Minky Bears - Texas, USA




Di is an OOAK 10.2” tall bunny in the aged style. Made of German cotton, filled with sawdust and steel granules. Four cotter pins and head has two. Glass eyes. Dress is made of natural silk. 

Nataliya Ryazanova
Vita Comoda Teddy - Moscow, Russia




Buddy is rabbit 13 1/4" to the tips of his ears. Made from
a mixed brown coloured mohair with a white alpaca tummy. Black glass eyes and horsehair whiskers. Stuffed with polyester and has steel shot in his feet to help him stand. Fur is scissor sculpted and airbrushed to create his rabbit features. He is wearing a blue linen jacket with tie fastening along with a red neckerchief.

Shelly Allison
The Rabbit Maker - Preston Lancashire, United Kingdom




Beatriceis 12" tall and is made from a re-purposed mink coat. Silk lining from the coat is inside her ears. White bunny tail is from a different coat. Glass eyes and her nose is lamp-work glass. Stuffed with fiberfill and is weight with steel pellets in her feet so that she can stand. Fully jointed. OOAK.

Pamela Simpers
PS Bears - Vermont, USA




Lily is 6” plus 3” for her ears. OOAK, made from buff and cream colored recycled mink fur. Brown glass eyes feature hand sculpted synthetic clay eyelids with hand painted eye white. Whiskered face is scissor sculpted and hand shaded. Ears are wired for posing. Ultra-suede paws pads are scissor sculpted and hand shaded. Wire armature in arms. 5-way jointed with a semi wobbly head. Stuffed with fiber-fil and
a pouch of steel shot in her belly for weight.

Linda Chiasson
Bear in Mind Collectibles - New Brunswick, Canada



Princess is a glamour bunny who is 10" tall and made from extra long pile faux fur in shades of pink with a white hair and white inserts. Hand shaded features and both scissor and needle sculpted. 5-way cotter pin jointed. English black glass eyes and white cashmere paw pads and inner ears. Stuffed with poly-fil and steel balls for weight.
She is wearing a silver wired bow and a silver tone bell.

Lynn Bowie
Madabout Bears - Scotland, United Kingdom

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