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URSA Awards 2016 Competition

"Reach Way Beyond The Stars"

List of Prizes

Highest vote count determines the URSA Major Award winner!

URSA Major receives a Prestigious Engraved Acrylic Award and a $50.00 cash card

First place
in each
 category win a  Prestigious

Engraved Acrylic Award plus an
URSA Winner's pin and surprise gifts

Second place
in each category win a colorful rosette ribbon plus an
URSA Winner's pin and surprise gifts

Third place
in each category win a colorful rosette ribbon plus an URSA Winner's pin and surprise gifts

Vote totals accumulated in both rounds of voting
will determine which of the winners receive
one of the following gifts.


Banner Ad on Bears&Buds
One Year Ad $200

Pink Curly Mohair

Black-White Tissavel

Panda Necklace

Short Pile Tan Mohair

Tan Curly Mohair

Panera Gift Card


Bear making supplies from Dale Junker of Bear Street $25.00

Dinner at Applebee's

Teddy Treasury 2


Michael's Craft

Gift Card $20.00

Bear Lodge Sign


Bears Repeating
Michaud's Book

Pizza from Papa Johns

McDonald's Gift Card $15.00

Antique Porcelain

Teddy Bear Statue


Coffee or tea from Starbucks $15

Bear Slippers

Good Bears of the World Brown Bear and Subscription to Bear Tracks  $14

Five Wood stuffing
sticks set


Panda Hair Brush


Three winners will receive the Hugglet's Teddy Bear Guide $8

Star Tote Bag


Sparkling Star earrings from Bright Star Promotions $8.00



Panda Bear Ornament


Polar Bear Ornament


Bear on Branch Pen


Bear Pin with Heart


Pattern from
Cindy McGuire


Box of Christmas Cards   $7.00

Pattern from
Pam Holton

Blue Glass Eyes


Brown Sugar Bear

Black Bear Ornament


Polar Bear on Skiis


Polar with Penguin Ornament



Very Special "Thank You's" go to all our generous contributors
for their lovely gifts.

Gifts and gift cards are courtesy

of our sponsors,

Generous collectors, 

Bears&Buds Magazine and 

 Bright Star Promotions, Inc. 

2016 URSA Major Award
Donna Hinkelman

International winners will receive Cash Cards that are the equivalent value of the special store gift or cash cards.

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Applause for all who entered.




Closed for 2016

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