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 12th Annual URSA Awards Competition            

2017 Official Online Entry Form

URSA Awards Competition Categories
Enter only ONE piece with each eMail. You may enter as many categories as you wish but with a different bear/bud in each category.

      Single pieces in each category except for categories marked with M for multiple pieces and P for props allowed.

Please do not copy this form into an eMail. When you hit the SUMBIT button, your entry will arrive automatically to Bears&Buds, safe and secure

Category 1
Wee Little Bare Bears or Buds, 5" (12.7cm) and under, all materials. No props
Category  2
Wee Little Outfitted Bears or Buds, 5" (12.7cm) and under.  All materials. P
Category  3
Medium Bare Bears or Buds, 6" to 12" (15.2-30.48cm), all materials. No props
Category  4
Medium Outfitted Bears or Bud, 6" to 12" (15.2-30.48cm). All materials. P
Category  5
Large Bears or Buds, 13" to 20" (33-50.8cm) undressed. All materials. No props
Category  6
Large Bears or Buds, 13" to 20" (33-50.8cm) dressed. All materials. P
Category  7
Hugely Hugable, Bears or Buds, 21" (53.34cm) or greater. Bare or Dressed. All materials. P
Category  8

Fairies and Angels, Bears or Buds. Bare or Dressed. All sizes, all materials. P

Category  9
Best Friends - Vignettes, 2 or more pieces, All sizes, all materials. M, P
Category 10

The Animal Kingdom, All other animals, All sizes, all materials. M, P

Category 11
Polar Bear - All sizes, all materials. P
Category 12
Panda Bear - All sizes, all materials. P
Category 14
Realistic Bears - Look like live bears. Bears only. All sizes, all materials P     
Category 15

Hippity-Hop - Bunnies and Rabbits. All sizes, all materials. P

Category 16

Furry Pals - Cats and Dogs, All sizes, all materials.

Category 17

Mice and Rats - All sizes, all materials P

Category 18


Kings, Queens and Princesses - Bears or Buds dressed. All sizes, all material P



B&B Members Entry Fee
Non-Member Entry Fee
Our Pay Pal account name is:  bearsandbuds@aol.com

How to write a description  75-100 words for your entry.

Include the name of your piece, size, fabric, paw pads, eyes, construction features, stuffing and additional details.

See the page on what words, phases and symbols to use in your descriptions.

Photo submissions - submit all in an eMail to us.

Do not include your name, logo or text embedded in the photograph.

No fuzzy or ragged edges.

We do all the cropping of your high resolution photos.

eMail your 3 entry photos to bearsandbuds@aol.com with the category number and the name of your entry in the subject line

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