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The 2016 URSA Winners


11th Annual
URSA Awards Competition

"Reach Beyond The Stars"



Congratulations to all the URSA Award Winners!

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Listed by their First Names and in their own words.
Angela Yip

Purple Bean Bear
Kowloon, Hong Kong


Thank you again to the Bears&Buds for organizing the 11th URSA Awards Competition.

Since my first participation in 2010,
I thoroughly enjoyed the annual contest because of the introduction of new themes each year. It makes us looking forward anxiously to the new categories each Spring, and the announcement of awards each Autumn.

Competition inspires our creation in modern day teddy bear world.

My heartfelt thanks go to all those who have voted in support of my bears Giggly Clown and Noel Choirboy this year.

Happy bear-making to artists from
all over the world!

Thank you, Angela


Noel Choirboy



Giggley Clown


Cash Equivalent

Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker

Tuscany, Italy



Before all, I thought about the fact that once again we all come here again and I'm really happy. Even a year has passed and the desire to participate is always the same!

I’m really proud to be once again a shining star of this constellation that is URSA!

I want to say a particular thanks to my lovely and patience HELPER that with his encouragement brought me to be a bear maker: my Husband, to my daughters and to all my friends who believed and voted me. I would be nothing without you. Thank you so much!

A great thanks to Valerie and Bear&Buds staff, that with their tireless work, they do know this fantastic world of bears!

Really a lot of Bearyhugs for all!










Sir Lancelot



Panda Tullio



Cash equivalent



Tan Curly Mohair

Brenda Mise

Minky Bears

Texas, USA



A grateful thank you to my teddy bear collectors, friends and customers who took the time to vote for my Minky Hare, Fluffy.


It is truly an honor to be recognized Internationally amongst so many very talented teddy bear artists.


Teddy bear collectors and artists are an amazing group of people and I feel very fortunate to be part of this special group.


And of course, a multitude of thanks for making the URSA Awards Competition a reality, Valerie!


Many  Bear Hugs,
















Candace Taylor

Candi Bears
Oregon, USA


I would like to thank all the artists and all the voters. Without all of you we would not have this wonderful contest which brings together so many talented people.


I am grateful to have been chosen for an award and I look forward to participating

in the future.


Thanks for voting,









Abyssinian Cat




Diana Watts

Florida, USA


This is a exciting time of the year!
We get to see what all of you thought were your favorite bears of ours.

I would first like to thank all the collectors, family , friends that took the time to vote for your favorite bears.

And Valerie for her tireless efforts to keep the the bears and artistry in the spotlight. We all love creating bears, and in these ever changing times, learning to roll with new ways to show case our artistry; Valerie keeps us there!

I am humbled to be win these awards, to be included in the group of wonderful bear artists in the URSA Awards Competition.

Again, thank you so much!
Bear Hugs, Diana




Astrid and Bjorn


Mr. Hiopkins




Freedom & Sir Brave

Tissavel 2 fat quarters

Antique Figurine


Brown sugar saver


Dilys Pang

Dily's Bears & Craft Designs
Macau, China


I am honored to be an URSA Awards Competition winner.

I am very thankful to everyone for supporting and voting.

It has been a hard job as there were so many beautiful entries to choose from.

Congratulations to all the artists for their wonderful creations to make this competition so exciting.

Thank you so much my teacher Gloria Chan and to Valerie and her great team.

Bearhugs, Dilys




Pink curly mohair


Donna Hinkelman

Bainbridge Bears

Michigan, USA



I am very honored and grateful that Patton has been chosen as a winner in the 2016 URSA Award Competition with many talented artists the world over.


To all collectors, my many friends and my family that voted for Patton I say thank you.


I also want to thank my husband who is always there for me and knows how much I love what I am doing.


A big thank you to my daughter, who is a bear making friend in her own right. We often compare ideas and notes.


Sewing teddy bears has a special place in my heart and in my world. It is great fun getting ideas, smiles and votes of confidence from my family and collectors.


A special thanks to Valerie and her team for all the hard work making Bears&Buds and the USRA Awards event so inspiring.


I appreciate the opportunity to have a place to showcase and sell my creations in the online shows. Valerie is a “Bright Star” in my world and I’m grateful for her help and inspiration.


It is a sincere privilege to have my creations shown worldwide.


Best wishes, bear hugs and thanks,
















Irina Zlobin

True Bears
Republic of Moldova


Another year, same competition, new impressions and emotions.


My second year at URSA Awards, but

I was as excited and thrilled as the first time.

Big thank you, once again to the one and only Valerie, who gathers teddy bear makers and lovers all around the world, each year.

I want to thank each and everyone who voted for me. Your support and appreciation means the world to me.

I wouldn't get here without you.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 URSA Awards Competition.

Warm hugs. 






Jan Cuming


Wellington, New Zealand




I am thrilled that I am one of the winners in the URSA Awards Competition and would like to thank everyone that voted for me.

The competition was incredible again this year and I feel very honored to be amongst the top winners.

I would also like to thank Valerie and her team for all their hard work in putting the URSA Awards Competition together each year. You go girls!

Thank you to each and every one of you.


Love, Jan





Jane Blowes

Mo Bear Designs

Alberta, Canada



I'm thrilled and honoured to have won an URSA Award for Su Lin.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for her collectors, family and friends.

All of your support through the years is greatly appreciated and I hope to continue to create OOAK bears and critters for years to come.

I would also like to thank one of the brightest stars of the Awards, Valerie.

Valerie and her amazing team at Bears&Buds support so many Artists from around the World with their time and effort that they put into the URSA Awards Competition but also for Bears&Buds Teddy Bear Magazine.
Thank you all.

Big bear hugs,







Jane Woodard

Heir Bears

Florida, USA



Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for my Sailor Bear!

I was absolutely thrilled to see him win.

A special thank-you goes to my friends for always encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone. It’s easy to just sit back and not challenge yourself, but where’s the adventure in that!

I am truly honored to be sharing this adventure with so many of you.



Sailor Bear













Judy Anderson


Connecticut, USA



I am so pleased to be among the URSA Awards Competition winners!

Many thanks to the voters and collectors, for without you, this wonderful fuzzy world would not exist.

I extend my thanks and appreciation to Valerie and her crew for all of the time and hard work that went in to making the
URSA Awards Competition a reality.

Tiny bear hugs!


Tea Time


Everyone Loves the Circus





Kay Cooper

Cooper Bears
Kelmscott, West Australia


Firstly I would like to say how wonderful it is to be part of this URSA Awards Competition and what an honor to be amongst some of the most amazing Bear Artists in the World. The standard of Art is so high and amazing.

I would also like to thank Bears&Buds and the ever supportive hard working Valerie Rogers who never ceases to amaze me with not only her stamina but the endless work she does to promote Bear Artistry around the globe and care for each and every Artist she works with. Bless you Valerie, you’re a star.

I would also like to thank the wonderful people who voted for me and supported Cooper Bears, with out you none of this would be possible and I am so grateful to each and everyone of you.

And finally, last but not least, my family and friends who support me and encourage me to keep going, I love you.



Snow Queen Fairy



Linda Chiasson

Bear in Mind Collectibles
New Brunswick, Canada


Thank you so much to all who voted for my work and encouraged me over the years as a teddy bear crafter!

It is humbling and so very rewarding to have one’s work recognized, and it’s validation of the 17 years dedicated to honing this craft.

I love to create adorable fur teddy bears and bunnies and love even more sharing them with collectors.

A big thank you too, Valerie, for your untiring work and encouragement to others!

Big hugs,







Willow & Sapphire



Nick & Lani




Cash equivalent





Christmas cards


Lynn Bowie

Madabout Bears


I always enjoy entering the URSA Awards Competition and this year I was over the moon to find out that I had won not one

but two awards, against some very stiff competition!

I would like to thank every single person who voted for my bears.

I would also like to thank Valerie for all her hard work in making these awards actually happen and for my long suffering family for putting up with all my long hours spent in my studio.

Lynn. xxx








Cash equivalent

Marina Osetrova

Marina Osetrova Bears
Moscow, Russia



I'm honored once again to have won the URSA Awards competition!

I am very pleased and excited! It is a great honor for me!

Congratulations to all the artists who participated!
Congratulations to the winners!

I would like to say "thank you so much" to everyone who voted for my bears!

Once again I want to say special thanks for Valerie and the Bears&Buds team! You do the hard work. I felt your support and attention. Your great work makes the URSA Awards Competition a memorable event!

I always look forward to participate again next year! Again, thank you so much!

Hugs, Marina


True Friends

Hair brush

Martha Burch

Martha's Bears
Wisconsin, USA


I am always honored when people like
my work.


I say "thank you" to each and every person who voted for my piece. 


When you consider the level of workmanship that we see every day,
I am humbled when my bears are considered worth your votes.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.






Mary Wimberley

Mary's Secret Garden

Delaware, USA



Thank you all for your votes!


It is my joy to create soft sculpted animal characters and an even greater delight to feel they have been received with love.


Art is all about giving and receiving-giving of yourself, receiving inspiration, sharing the expression of your joy and best of all knowing your creations have found their way into the hearts of others.

It cannot be done without you, so many thanks
for making this day possible.


I also want to thank Valerie of Bears&Buds for providing this lovely platform
on which to share our mutual love for Teddies.


Much love and many blessings to you all,






Poco Minuto








Michelle Nunnery

Little Bittie Bears 

Florida, USA






I am beyond honored to have won an URSA Award Competition again for the 4th year!

I want to thank my customers and fans. Honestly without all of your help, inspiration, ideas and words of encouragement, I would not be where I am today. Thanks for taking the time to vote.

I truly have the best customers, and over the years, have also become some of my best friends.

I love that Teddy Bears and their friends never get old. The tradition of collecting teddy bears has been around for so long and I truly hope it continues to stay alive.

I would like to thank Valerie and her staff for their amazing support and hard work to keep Bears&Buds going. So much effort goes into the magazine and into the awards. Everything they do is flawless.

Hugs, Michelle








Natalia Petelina

Petelina Natalia Toys

Odessa Region, Ukraine


Friends, I am pleased to once again be a winner in the URSA Awards Competition which always brings me joy and inspiration.

First I want to thank all those people who took the time and opportunity to support me by voting for my teddy bear. It is very important to me and I felt your support.

I want to thank Valerie and the entire Bears&Buds team for what this competition which unites artists again and again challenging us to create a feast of entries for the masters, collectors and all to see.

And to congratulate all the URSA Award winners! You are wonderful and deserve recognition and I'm glad to be in such great company.

I am sending vibes of happiness to each of you and remember you that only love and beauty can make this world truly wonderful.

Bear Hugs,



Short pile tan mohair

Natalilya Ryazanova

Vita Comoda Teddy

Moscow, Russia


I am incredibly pleased to be one of the winners of the prestigious URSA Awards Competition.

I would like to express my immense gratitude to all those who voted for me and my little animals.

A lot of talented masters participated in this competition and I am honored to be in their company.

I would also like to say a special thank you to Valerie and her team for organizing such a great competition.

Lastly, I would like to thank my family; especially my husband Andrey for his eternal support.

My congratulations to all fellow award recipients!
















Olga Startseva





Hello dear friends!

I'm so happy to take part in URSA Awards Competitions!

I became a participant of the competition 3 times now and twice I took 4th Place. I'm very glad that I'm one of the top winners!

I'm so grateful to each of my friends who supported me!

I thank everyone who voted for me!

My special thanks to Valerie and all the team of URSA Awards Competition!

I would like to participate again and again in this wonderful competition.

Big bear hugs!


Selivan the Raccoon












Shelly Allison

The Rabbit Maker

United Kingdom



I am thrilled to won in this years URSA Awards Competition with my rabbit 'Buddy', who is one of my favourites.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to view the categories and place their votes.

This is the second year I have won an award. I was encouraged to do so again after I experienced winning last time.

Valerie and her team run a very professional competition and there is much thought and effort put into the trophies and prizes. It really seems to be a labour of love.

Congratulations to all the other winning entrants.
















Silke Hirschfelder

The Mountaineers 

Neidersachsen, Germany



Since 2010 I have participated in this special competition and each year it is always a great pleasure.

The attraction of the URSA Awards Competition for me, that only you the readers of Bears&Buds and teddy bear lovers, decide with your votes who will reach the awards level. Therefore, I am particularly pleased that this year both of my entries were selected by you.

Furthermore, the absolutely perfect organization of the URSA Awards Competition, words are not enough to praise them. I am most grateful to Valerie and her team. Many many thanks!

I congratulate all the artists for their wonderful entries and all the winners in the 2016 URSA Awards Competition!

Beary hugs,







Cindy's pattern

Svetlana Khabarova

The World of Our Bears
Moscow, Russia



Dear friends, collectors and fans,
Thank you so much for voting for Toby and Fei Yun.

I am so happy and proud that they both were awarded. Your support was great and I appreciate it very much!

Many special thanks for Valerie and Bears&Buds team for making this fabulous and exciting contest. It is really great job!

I want to congratulate the winners and to thank all everybody who took part in this amazing competition!

It becomes a good tradition for me to take part in URSA Awards Competition and, of course, I am looking forward to join the contest next year.

Bear hugs, Svetlana





Fei Yun



Honorable Mention Winners!

The Voting was close and
Bears&Buds proudly honors the 4th Place winners with a Certificate!


Linda Hearn
Critters Creations

Susan Pryce
Scruffie Bears

Gloria Chan
Gloria Handicraft Studio

Michelle Nunnery

Little Bittie Bears

Wizard of Oz
Kay Cooper
Cooper Bears

Carolyn Robbins
Warm Heart Bears

Kathleen Eltis


Annalisa Taddei
Tuscany Bear Maker

Captain Hook
Diana Watts

Wanda Shope


Loudly applauds
all the contestants
and the Winners!




And the winner is . . .



Bainbridge Bears


Voted the Best Overall winner!




Our hat's
off to YOU!

Dear Valerie,  

It’s  difficult to express my surprise and happiness to be chosen one of the  winners in the URSA Competition. My package just arrived and I am thrilled…It’s better than a birthday surprise.

The wonderful glass trophies are amazing and very attractive. Of course I love the gift car and one of the nicest gifts is an ad for me being posted for a year in your magazine. All the grifts are appreciated and I will wear the pin very proudly.

Carl said to tell you he could hardly talk to you as he was as excited as I for the news from you on the phone. Guess what? He is taking me to dinner!


I wish you and your lovely daughter were here to share it with us. Dawn did a fabulous job creating the photo of Patton and me.  

I certainly will again enter next year’s contest. Like the new saying that’s going around, "I love you to the moon and back."

Huge bear hugs, Donna

URSA Major - Best Overall Runners Up


The voting was very close. Meet the 4 runner's up
for the URSA Major-Best Overall Award


Diana Watts



Mary Wimberley Mary's Secret Garden

Panda Tullio
Annalisa Taddei
The Tuscany Bear Maker

16.04 Abyssinian Cat

Candace Taylor

Candi Bears

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