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Meet the 2013 URSA Winners



Listed by their First Names and in their own words.


Congratulations to all the URSA Award Winners!

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Anna Tide

Anna Tide Bears
Bad Bergzabern, Germany


The URSA Awards is a very special competition for me. I'm enjoy to partaking in this event.


It's always a great suddenness for me to see my characters in the same line with a teddy-bear-makers who make the best bears and friends I've ever seen! 


I'm very glad to be one of the winners in 2013.


I think it was really very difficult to win this year because of so many great entries.


I'm very thankful for your votes and for all who took part in URSA Awards Competition; making this competition so exciting and for everyone who loved my characters!


And many thanks to my family who provide support to everything I make.


Bear hugs,








Annalisa Taddei

The Tuscany Bear Maker

Tuscany Italy



I’m really proud to be once again here, another year with URSA Award Competition, I want spend a lot!!!

I want to thank my husband and my daughters for their help; Thank you so much to Valerie and her great team; Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this contest.
Many congratulations to all the URSA Awards Competition winners for their fantastic creations.

Huge thanks, all over the world, for loving my bears and for voting for them!

I wish for me and you all a great year full of health and creativity to show the next year!!!

Annalisa Taddei





17.5 Gastone



Brenda Parker 


Wyoming, USA



To be a part of the 2013 URSA Awards competition has been very inspiring for me. It is always exciting to be able to share my work with others.

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to have two of my bears receive an URSA award in this year's competition among so many talented artists and their amazing creations.

I would like to send warm hugs to all those who voted for my bears.

I receive so much joy in creating them and it is truly rewarding when others like my work enough to vote for it. Thank you for your support!

A special thank you also goes out to Valerie and the whole team at Bears&Buds for the terrific job they do.

Bear hugs...Brenda






Candi Taylor   

Candi Bears

Oregon, USA



I would like to thank everyone who voted in this years URSA Awards. If not for you there would be no contest.


This year' competition had many wonderful creations and I am very pleased to be part
of this along with the many talented artists showing their work.


I couldn't resist trying out the  "It's all the same" category. This was very different for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Thanks again to all! 





Honey Pot

Carolyn Robbins

Warm Heart Bears  

Colorado, USA



I am so proud to be one of the URSA Awards Completion winners this year. There were many talented artists to compete with and I am truly honored. After 20 years of creating bears, this is very special.


This competition is so special, as it is judged by collectors. Being chosen as one of the favorites is one of the highest compliments one can receive. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the collectors who voted for Peaches. Your support is greatly appreciated!


Huge thanks go to Valerie and her team at Bears & Buds for organizing the URSA Awards Competition. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed!


Thank you to my family for standing by me. Their love allows me to keep doing what I love. Thanks also to a small group of bear artists and friends that have encouraged me along the way.


Let me congratulate all of the winners for the 2013 URSA Awards. You are all very talented and have created very special bears and friends.


Bear Hugs,










Chantal Giroux

Chantal`s Bears Collection
New Brunswick Canada



My Teddy Bears World is a wonderful world with friends, family members, fellow artists, collectors and people who voted for my thread teddy bear, Nori.

I would like to thank all of you who voted and who visited the bears made by talented artists.

Thanks to Valerie and her team who made URSA 2013 contest happens.

Kudos to all who participated.

Thank You.





Cheryl Hutchinson

Bingle Bears

New York, USA



I am absolutely over the moon to have won an URSA award!


The artistry represented in this competition is, as always, completely out of this world and this year, it seemed especially stellar; all of the artists really out-did themselves.


I was truly surprised and very grateful to have won.


I’m glad that this year I finally took the risk to enter this amazing contest.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, you make the URSA's the fabulous competition that it is!


Lastly, I can’t thank Valerie Rogers enough for all of the wonderful work she does organizing the URSA's and promoting the bear artist world.








Denise Graham

Expressions by Neicie

Florida, USA



I would first like to say how excited and happy

I am that you all voted "Liontude."


It was so fun making this little one with the "tude" and the wonderful thing about being able to make and create what is in your head, in this line of work. If you can call this work.


I am all ready looking forward to the next URSA Awards Competition.


I want to give a big thanks to my sisters for their encouragement and support of my chosen artistry. Their faith in me and my creatures are unmatched.  The love and the tireless effort I see them put forth in their, keeps encouraging me and keeps me felting!


To Valerie; your support, understanding and kindness, to not only myself, but to all the other bear artists, makes it a privilege to be associated with Bears&Buds and all that the bear artistry stands for. Your help and support of all of us has not gone unnoticed and you are such an asset to us all.


To all the collectors, artists, friends and family who have stood behind my work and voted for me, please accept my thanks. Without all of you we would not be able to enjoy and create our chosen artistry.


Big Bear Hugs to you all!



Erin Roy

Bears *n* Bling

Ontario, Canada




A HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting this year's URSA Awards Competition by voting. Your passion and love for bears makes creating them an absolute joy!

I am thrilled to have had Fezwick, Rhapsody, and Piernik place in their categories, and I am honoured to be included amongst the incredibly talented artists represented in this competition. Thank you and congratulations to everyone that entered. Your work is inspirational.

Thank you to the Bears&Buds team for their hard work organizing this successful event and bringing such superb international talent together.

And a special thanks to you Valerie for making this showcase of our creations possible and for going above and beyond with your kindness, dedication, and encouragement . . . you are a real gem.

It has been an extremely exciting experience for me and tons of fun too! I look forward to next year's URSA Awards Competition.

"To watch a little bear come to life and dance around the room is a joy that has no words."

Thanks so much again!

Bear Hugs,









Francesca Boretti


Argau, Switzerland



It is so wonderful to be again part of this great contest!


I feel very grateful that for the second year my creations have been chosen to be in the finals.


For this, I must thank all the friends and collectors that gave their vote. I’m sure it has been a hard job as there were so many beautiful entries to choose from.

A very special thank goes again to my husband. Thanks to his support and encouragement I’m able to do what I love doing. I wish to dedicate this achievement to my parents, my first fans! We live in two different countries now, but their love and appreciation comes strong nevertheless!

Hugs XXX

Vladimir Igel

Sally & Puck



Gloria Chan

Gloria Handicraft Studio

Kowloon, Hong Kong



I am honored that my Chinese astronaut is in the finalist group.
Thank you all for your vote and support.

I must also thank Ms. Valerie who encouraged me to enter my Chinese astronaut into the contest.

The idea emerged after the successful first-time space journey of the Chinese astronaut. I made it with all my effort. I used photographs of the Chinese astronaut as a reference for making the costume and endeavoured to follow every detail.

I love to see the happy faces of winners.

I respect artists who enter their masterpieces into contests.
This shows a positive mind-set and confidence in one's work. It's a GREAT feeling.

You never know. You may be a winner in the future.




Hayley Walker

Little Piggies Nursery

Hampshire, United Kingdom


Being my second year of entering the URSA Awards Competition, I am so delighted at becoming an URSA Award winner in the Needle Felted Category with my little Lulu the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel creation.

I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to view and vote for their favorite entries in the great range and variety of exciting categories – it must have been extremely difficult, as the standard of all the entries as usual, is just superb!

Lulu and myself would like to personally thank everyone who felt her worthy of their valued and important vote.


My love and passion of dogs is always a great inspiration to me in my creation of life-like artist dogs and other realistic artist animals.


Finally I would like to thank and congratulate, not only all the other highly talented competing artists from across the globe BUT also an enormous thank you to Valerie and the team at Bears&Buds for making this wonderful International competition possible. I feel very honoured to be included in such illustrious and talented company.

Doggy Hugs, Hayley

Lulu Little

Faux Fur

Idy Law

Idy Law Creations

Kowloon, Hong Kong



I am honored to be one of the finalists in this competition. This is my first time to participate in the URSA Awards Competition. Thanks to Bears&Buds to let me to see to many marvelous bears from all over the world. It can be broadening my horizon.
I am particularly grateful to my teacher Ms. Gloria Chan, for her guidance and patience.


And I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to EVERYONE who voted for "Jenny". Especially thanks to Ms. Betty Yu,

Mr. Joseph Chan, Kong's Family and my best friends (Angel Lau and Florence Hung). I really appreciated your help. Without you, I couldn't be here.
Congratulations to all of the artists who entered this year. See you next year.


Once again, Thank you.
Regards,  Idy



Ina Smirnova

Bears and Roses




After a little break I am so happy to know that

I am an URSA Awards winner again!

I would like to thank everyone who voted for my little Lucian!  It is so wonderful to have you, my dear collectors, my friends and of course, my beloved family, and I appreciate your support, your kind words and your precious votes!

Also I would like to thank each one URSA Awards participants - I am so proud to be between so talented artists!

Hope that next year will be successful for me and my creatures again!

Bear hugs from Lithuania!



Jacqui Wickenden

JCW Bears & Furry Friends

Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom


First of all, a Hug thank goes to all the wonderful people who took their time to support and vote for me and for Peggy the petit Basset Griffon Vendeen pup who reached the finals, with out you,
I wouldn't be here!

I am so very thrilled to be one of the finalist, It is the first time I have entered the URSA Awards and to be amongst all the fantastic Artist entries from all over the world ,I am truly thankful!

I am especially grateful to my wonderful husband and daughter for their continuing support and encouragement in helping me to achieve all that
I set out to do.

I would also like to thank Valerie and all her team for all their hard working in making this exciting Awards competition possible.

I look forward to participating again next year!

Congratulations to all the other successful winners.

Well done!

Best Wishes and Doggy Hugs

Jacqui & Peggy xx



Jacquie Pollitt

Jacquie Pollitt Bears

Ohio, USA



I would like to start by saying I am so glad to be a part of this industry.


I have met so many great people and made so many good friends over the years.


I also want to thank the people who voted for me, you give the me the desire to continue to create.


I always say there is a mutual appreciation, you appreciate the  talent and ability to do what i do, and I appreciate you, because without you, the collectors, I would not be able to keep going.

So thank you very much,



Janice McLeod





I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who visited this year's URSA awards and voted for Nicholas. I can't begin to describe how overwhelmed I was that he made it through to the final three; thank you.

Although I've been making bears for a number of years now, this is the first competition I have entered. I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about entering one of my bears into this prestigious competition but I'm so glad

I did. The competition from other artists was extremely high which makes the fact Nicholas made it through to the final even more overwhelming.

I would also like to take this chance to thank Valerie and her team for doing such a fantastic job, not only with the URSA awards but in producing such a fabulous magazine each month.

Thanks must also go out to all the artists who participated in this year's awards. The sheer quality of the work on show was outstanding.

Thank you all once again for making my first delve into competitions a very enjoyable and successful one.

Huge hugs,



Joanne Livingston


Arizona, USA



I am here once again being thankful that the bears I have entered in this year’s URSA Awards have done so well.


The competition gets tougher and tougher each year. Each artist truly puts out their best work. It is a great honor to me to have the bears that I create be here among the winners. Thank you for all who came here to vote.


Thank you fellow bear makers for taking the chance and entering. I know just how difficult it is to have your work judged.


Thank you Valerie, and Bears&Buds for all the effort that goes into hosting this competition.


Thank you most of all to the artists and collectors for the continued support that you give me in my bear making venture.






9.05 A Teddy

For Bear


Judi Paul


Wisconsin, USA


When there are so many stars out there in the soft sculpture world its humbling for me to get your votes for the top three.  


It is  a wonderful thrill and feeling no matter which position I have placed.  Getting enough votes for this does not make me the best, it only means the piece I entered this time got a few more votes.


The URSA Awards entries are so beautiful and detailed that it is an honor to be chosen by you.


My bear India was created with great care and thought as she is an extension of myself and my love for Middle Eastern dancing.


I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


And I'd like to share my motto:  Shoot for moon . . . if you miss you will still end up among the stars.


Bless you, Judi


Judith Eppolito


Connecticut, USA



I am so pleased that Mr. Whisper was selected to be among the URSA Awards Competition finalists!


Many thanks to the voters and collectors,

for without you, this wonderful, fuzzy world would not exist.


I extend my appreciation to Valerie and her crew for all of the time and hard work that went in to making the URSA Awards a reality and look forward to next year!


Bear Hugs,




Mr. Whisper

Karin De Lorenzo

Werkstatt Allerliebst

NRW Germany



Dear Voter's and Users of Bears&Buds

Many thanks from the bottom of my heart, for all your votes ! I am very, very happy about this victory in the URSA Awards Competition!

After a very long , involuntary work break , now I'm only recently a user of Bears&Buds, and also it was my first time to take part in this great competition!
Now even greater is of course my joy  about being a winner !

I am very proud that I had a chance in spite of so many and very good other participants. Many, many thanks for your votes!

Karin De Lorenzo
"Werkstatt Allerliebst"




Kathleen Eltis


Durham, United Kingdom



Firstly, I would like to thank all the people who voted for me in the URSA Awards Competition and everyone who is involved in organizing the event. And to all those who have taken part, without you, this incredible competition would not be possible!

I was thrilled to discover that I had won an award for Gandalf my wizard. This gives me encouragement with my creativity in bear making.


As an artist, it is extremely rewarding to receive recognition and praise for my hard work and ideas, and helps to make it all feel worthwhile.

Looking at all of the talented artists who have taken part, it really is a compliment to receive an award.

I am already looking forward to next year’s competition and seeing all of the other talented artists art work, it is so inspiring to see the work that has come from the imaginations of other bear artists.




2013 Guide

Laura Anne Stapp

Lau's Bears

California, USA



This is my first time entering the URSA Awards Competition and I was super impressed with the way it was all put together and the calibre of artists it attracted.


It is a huge honor to be selected for an URSA Award so

I would like to thank each and every one of you who voted for my creations - you have all made me feel much appreciated and given me confidence in myself and the craft that I love!I would especially love to thank my wonderful husband - whose unfailing belief in my bears gives me the courage to get my creations out there!


Thank-you to my two special boys and our two crazy Jack Russell dogs who provide constant inspiration for the ideas that pop into my head. And last but never least, thank-you to my wonderful Mom who got me started in the bear world about 12 years ago. Her creative spirit has always shown me that the sky is the limit!


Congratulations to all my fellow entrants and winners - you are all very talented!


My fingers are itching to start designing my next URSA entrant already!


Best Regards,




Calyx the Curious

Lynette Kennedy


Gauteng South Africa


Thank you Valerie for promoting the “bear world” which is not an easy task and inviting me to participate in the URSA Awards Competition.


I think I have bugged every “friend” on Facebook campaigning for votes as well as promoting every  URSA contestants.


Thank you everyone for your votes.


Being a part of the URSA Awards Competition has given me a big push forward, thank you.


Beary regards,



Plum Color Mohair

Lynn Bowie 

Madabout Bears




Once again I would like to sincerely like to thank everyone who took time to vote in the URSA Awards Competition and in particular, those who chose to vote for Biscotti.


I`m thrilled to have been placed especially as again the standard of all entries was so high and the number of pieces in each class higher  too. It`s a real honour to have been placed.


I would also like to thank Valerie (and Kody!) for all their hard work in making these awards happen.


It has been a fantastic year for Madabout Bears and I look forward to entering next years URSA`s. 


Hugs, Lynn


2013 Guide

Margaret Burke 

Nikkel Bears

New South Wales, Australia



I am so very thrilled to have received this award for my Chinese princess bear Jia Li, who was a custom bear made as a gift of love to a beautiful bride-to-be in Cambodia.


I’m so glad you all loved her and I thank all

of you for your support, and taking the time to vote in this wonderful URSA Awards Competition.


I would also like to thank Valerie and her hard-working support team for their dedication and wonderful work managing these prestigious awards of recognition for our industry.



Jia Li

Martha Burch

Martha's Bears

Wisconsin, USA



It is an amazing thing to have people from all over the world like my work enough to vote for it and I thank each one of those who took the time to do so.

The workmanship represented in the URSA Awards Competition is stellar and I am humbled to be one of the winners. I am inspired every time I see the talent displayed in contests such as this.

Thank you to Bears&Buds for giving us a platform from which we can "reach beyond the stars."



Time Saver

Michelle Nunnery

Little Bittie Bears 

Florida, USA



I am so honored that Bastian has been chosen as an URSA Award winner. It is a dream that has come true.

Thanks to everyone that voted, this means the world to my family and me; and to thank my family who stand by me and my hours sewing.

Most of all, I would like to thank my customers, you are such wonderful collector’s. I have made so many good friends over the years and many of you have inspired me with new ideas and kept me motivated through the hard times.
 If not for you I would not be where I am today. Thank you again.

Thanks Valerie, for being so sweet, helpful, humble and caring. I wish there were more people like you in the world. Bears&Buds is such a wonderful place and I am proud to part of your community.

Congratulations to all the winners! Each piece entered, whether a winner or not, was truly unique and worthy of winning.

Thanks again,
Hugs, Michelle

16.05 Bastian

Myra Miao

Myra Bears

Kowloon China


First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all who have voted for Jingle Bear.

I feel honored and proud to be one of the finalist in this significant contest. And this is the first time I joined a teddy bear competition. This experience is especially amazing and unforgettable.

Making my own teddy bear is along my dream starting from childhood. I am glad that my dream has come true finally. I would like to take special occasion to say “thank you” to my teacher, Ms. Gloria CHAN who has led my way in the “world of teddy bear”.

Last but not least, thanks to Bears&Buds for organizing the wonderful URSA Awards Competition and I will definitely join the competition next year.

Cheers for teddy bear!

Best regards,


Jingle Bear

Natalia Petelina

Petelina Natalia Toys

Lugansk Region Ukraine



I'm glad I decided to participate this year in this wonderful competition and have the opportunity to see here with all of their favorite and most talented artists from around the world. I congratulate each of them with a well-deserved award!

I want to personally thank each and every collector and all the people who voted for my teddy, very important for me to know that you like my bears.

For me it is a great incentive to move forward, ongoing development and to know that each time you are pleased with my creations!

Thank Bears&Buds for the opportunity to show their teddy such a wide audience around the world!






Pattie Angel

Enchanted Memories

Washington, USA



WOW! In the 30 years that I have been designing and making bears, I have never seen so many wonderful bears as what were in this years URSA Awards Competition.


The talented artists and their designs are nothing short of amazing.


I would like to thank Valerie and her 'Magic Helpers' who made this competition so easy to enter and Bears&Buds for giving all of us the opportunity to show case our bears and achieve that “WAY TO GO!”


Thank you to my biggest supporter and critic for these last 30 years, my husband Phill,

I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without him.

Thank you to all who voted for Eudora. Seeing all the beautiful and creative bears entered, I know how hard it was to vote for only one bear in each category.


“Thanks” again for all the votes in the finals. To make it there was a total surprise and I know what it takes to get to the final round.


I wish that all of the talented artists could have won! In my eyes everyone is a winner.


As for Eudora and I, we are patiently waiting to see if we can endure waiting for the awards presentation; this is worse than waiting for Christmas morning.


What ever the outcome I feel honored to have been a participant in this years URSA Awards. This type of competition makes us work harder to improve at our art or try that new idea and bring it to life for all of us to see, which is what Bears&Buds allows us to do.


Thank you again,




Eudora Fairie




Robyn Jones

Dressed to Impress Teddies

N. S. W. Australia



Thank you all so much for choosing 'Jamie' as your choice to Vote for. I am overjoyed to be a winner and 'Jamie' is absolutely honored!

Congratulations to all the other winners - your work is amazing!

Also a big thank's to my Mother & my family for their support. A special bear hug to my wonderful daughter for her love and encouragement to always continue with my passion.

Best wishes to Valerie & her team, what

a wonderful magazine!

Hug's to you all,



The Happy Chef


Ron & Kristy   Northman

Captain Ron's Bears

Michigan, USA



We would like to thank everyone who participated in the URSA Awards Competition and you Valerie, for all you do in pulling this together.


This was our 1st year to enter and certainly will not be our last.


It is so nice to see all the different entries from all over the world. We are always amazed to see what everyone comes up with and honored to be in such great company.


We especially enjoy the theme categories as they are a lot of fun and a challenge to push ourselves. It makes for an exciting experience which makes it both fun and fresh.


A special thank you to all the collectors who took the time to vote and the Artists for sharing their talents; making this an wonderful experience... one we will always treasure.


Hope to see you again next year!"

BiG BeaR HuGs,


Kristy & Capt*n Ron

2013 Guide



Davey & Crockett

Silke Borrmann


The Mountaineers 





What a great surprise for me to see that Yuan was able to reach the finals this year.


The URSA Awards Competition was so incredible.
I never expected this and so I was very pleased.


Therefore, I would like to thank all of you who participated, who took the time to vote and Valerie and her team who make this competition possible every year.


For me it's always a great pleasure to participate in this competition!


Best wishes,






Honorable Mention Winners!

The Voting was close and
Bears&Buds honors the 4th Place winners with a Certificate!

1.04 Julianna
Terries Bears

3.03 Roland
Russell Bears


3.14 Madalyn

Chantal`s Bears

4.01 Rain
Cooper Bears


4.04 Hernandez
Copi Khatz Creations

5.01 Bevan
Brendan's Bears

5.05 Brayden
Russell Bears


6.02 Archibald
Ours des 4 Saisons


6.06 Esme
Jac-Q-Lyn Bears


7.04 Marylin

8.4 Stars & Stripes
B. J.'s Bears

9.10 Oliver & Sugar

Bears *n* Bling


9.11 Twins Tsama & Phoenix

Dily's Bear & Designs

10.08 Bandico
Captain Rons Bears

10.11 Denis
Jac-Q-Lyn Bears

11.01 Monty


11.03 Ice
Minky Bears

12.02 Hartley
Russell Bears


12.09 Po
Bare Cub Designs

14.01 Mary Floss
Cooper Bears



15.15 Hughey
Little Bittie Bears

16.03 Fruit Shoot
Little Piggies Nursery

16.06 Milo

16.11 La Sugar
Walk A Dream


All the entries in Category 17 according to size and it is the ARTIST that bring the pattern to life!




And the winner is . . .


De Lorenzo

Werkstatt Allerliebst


Voted the Best Overall winner!



Our hat's
off to YOU!


Editors note:
The URSA Major - Best Overall winner receives a phone call to congratulating them on their win. Karin responded with this lovely note. We were very happy she understood English.


Dear Valerie,

I’m still totally overwhelmed about my luck and success winning in the URSA Awards Competition. Can not describe how happy I am!

When you called me on the phone, I could not find the English words to show my joy. Only I could say, "I’m happy , I’m happy … I’m so happy! My English is unfortunately a little bit bad.

I was too surprised and too nervous to understand every word you said, but I did understand that my “Silvestro” won! And that you told me about the many votes for him and that he is so beautiful. Alone that made me feel so very lucky!!!

The whole evening I wondered,  did I really understand, did he win?

After your mail arrived I finally realized that he also won the URSA Major Award and that was the real reason for your wonderful call!

What a message ! Unbelievable !!!

I’m so totally happy, proud, enthusiastic, honored and the list goes on!

Many, many, many thanks to you and Bears&Buds readers for your votes.

It is really so fantastic! A dream!!

A 1000 times THANK YOU!!!







URSA Major - Best Overall Runners Up


The voting was very close. Meet the 3 runner's up!

1.01 Olyvia

1st runner up

Lau's Bears

Laura Anne Stapp


2.01 Mr. Whisper

2nd runner up

Judith Eppolito


3.12 Jingle Bear

3rd runner up

Myra Bears

Myra Miao

Hong Kong

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